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Agents and Brokers

Premier Family Health (Premier) provides seniors with white glove service making sure that they receive the right care at the right time.  As your primary care physician, we are committed to making sure that we coordinate your preventive care, chronic disease management and acute issues as they arise. 


Premier also understands that being able to get affordable care at the right time with the right provider also requires that YOU have the right health care coverage.  That is why Premier has relationships with insurance brokers that can help you review your coverage options and help you with finding the right coverage.  

Connecting with a broker can significantly assist you in understanding how your Medicare Advantage program works.  

What to expect when you talk to a licensed agent:

A licensed insurance agent will review and discuss health plan options that may be available in your area. Plans vary by zip code.

  • Discuss all your healthcare needs, even doctors or services you may need in the future

  • Discuss if you have other benefits such as Medicaid or Extra Help

  • Ask if your doctors, and pharmacy are in-network for the plans so you can continue seeing them at no extra cost

  • Ask about out-of-pocket costs

  • Ask for your projected prescription drug costs based on a plan’s formulary

What to expect after enrolling:

  • You will receive an enrollment package from your new insurance carrier by mail, which will include your new insurance card

  • You will be invited to meet your Patient Care Advocate and attend a Premier Family Health New to Medicare Patient Orientation

  • You will receive a Premier Family Health New to Medicare Patient Welcome Gift

Have a question?  Ready to enroll? Contact a member of our Premier Outreach Team to help put you in contact with a licensed insurance specialist. 

Phone: 833-236-6611

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