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Become a Patient

Become a Patient

New Patient line: 1- 833-236-6611

Call 1-833-236-6611 today and you will receive a customized overview from one of our experienced patient specialists on all that Premier Family Health has to offer.  We will guide you on the benefits of having all of your medical needs all in one place, get you scheduled with one of our healthcare providers and schedule a New Patient Guided Tour of our healthcare facility. 

Patient Advocacy  

What is a patient advocate? 

A patient advocate is a trained professional who helps guide you (or your loved one) through the healthcare system. At Premier, your Patient Advocate works towards the goal of helping you get through your healthcare journey from screening and diagnosis to treatment and follow-up care. 

Patient advocates help patients who can’t or don’t feel comfortable speaking up for themselves within the healthcare system. They provide services such as coordinating medical visits and treatments, medical billing questions, and arranging for second opinions or follow-up care. At Premier, your patient advocate answers questions regarding things like therapy, transportation, and prescription medications.

Do you always need a patient advocate? 

Not necessarily. You probably don’t need a patient advocate if you’re able to process medical information and make informed decisions about your care. A supportive partner, family member, or friend may also negate the need for an advocate. 

You or your caregiver must be willing to speak up, question the system, and understand your rights. If you’re confident and up for the challenge, you can advocate for yourself. And you can always seek the support of a patient advocate further along in your journey should the need arise.

If you would like to get in touch with Premier’s Patient Advocate, please call.

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