Family Medicine

"We treat the whole person, not just the disease."

Premier Family Health & Wellness is a progressive family practice office in Wellington, Palm Beach County, Florida. Its founding physicians, Dr. Vincent Apicella and Dr. Mariaclara Bago, believe that through the combination of traditional and natural medicine, patients can obtain higher levels of wellness, vitality, and energy. The providers and staff are dedicated to ensuring the most personal and professional medical care possible within a beautiful spa-like environment.

Our Philosophy

We believe that knowledge can be empowering. The more we understand our bodies and the mechanisms that cause injuries and disease, the more committed we can become to getting healthier. Our office is devoted to educating you about your body, how it works, and how to heal it. We believe in working with our patients as partners, to learn from each other in our journey together to maximize health. Our goal is to help you achieve the best health and wellness you can so that you can live a fulfilling life.

Acute Care

We want our patients to be comfortable and share health concerns. Our aim is to take the necessary steps with you to resolve your health issues by providing personalized high quality health and medical services. At each office visit, our providers assess your health, identify your acute primary health problem(s) and provide effective solutions to your health issues in a caring and efficient manner.

Chronic Disease Management

Restoring health is a process that takes time. To best help you get well, you are encouraged to follow the plan of medical care and treatment that is designed for you. To ensure effective treatment, follow-up appointments are an absolute necessity. These appointments allow us to evaluate your progress.

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Health Promotion

At Premier Family Health & Wellness in Wellington, Palm Beach County, Florida, we embrace the concept of health promotion coupled with heath maintenance. We work with you to help you stay well. We invite you to be pro-active by having yearly physicals, undergoing diagnostic testing, and keeping up with well-family visits. As your family healthcare providers, we share in your celebration of reaching and maintaining optimal health.

Call (561) 798-3030 to make an appointment at Premier Family Health & Wellness or (561) 839-1870 for Premier Center for Healthy Aging or request an appointment online.

Appointments are not necessary at Premier Urgent Care.